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chapter two: the twin trail

during summer of 2023 the creative team behind botanica district reunited to continue the storyline. being promoted to scenic painter meant i was entrusted with more responsibility and could offer up ideas to improve the overall scenic vision. highlights included painting large abstract mural designs, weathering faux metal spikes and glooping neon slime through vents.

set design manager: beau turner-brockway

creative lead: annie cross


chapter one: the gathering

as a scenic assistant at boomtown festival 2022, i had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with a talented construction team of scenics and carpenters; bringing botanica district to life for the first time. my role involved painting and texturing, aging flats and adding mural designs to micro-venues. the result was a seamless integration of sets, crafting a fully immersive and theatrically inspired world for festival 'citizens' to enjoy. 

set design manager: beau turner-brockway

Creative Lead: pascale wilson

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