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i find my artistic voice as both a painter and fabric sculptor. my practice celebrates the interplay between colour, form and texture; exploring both their hybridisation and opposition. i particularly enjoy playing with contrast, not only between pigmentation and empty space but also through stressing and draping the fabric surface. ruches of canvas create light and shadow on the material, making for a dynamic visual experience and inviting the eye to explore my work on a tactile level.

much like my personal practice, i find my professional employment to be a blend of specialisms. i have gained experience in exhibition planning/curating, scenic painting, set dressing and prop making/buying. all of which use a multitude of similar skills that often inform one another. i am keen to continue developing my current skills in subsequent roles and am actively seeking opportunities that teach me the creative direction skills needed to take on more managerial positions in the future.

currently based in west sussex, although I have additional bases in london, bristol and manchester.

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