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Painting of fingers


• 2019 •

An exploration into the dynamics between acrylic paint, materials and texture. 

I often attached my paintbrush to a bamboo cane, meaning I had less control over the final outcome of a painting. This provided a sense of freedom to place painterly strokes without being precious about where they were going, thus reinforcing the textural qualities within each piece.


Although this project was heavily process driven, the perceived tactility of the acrylic, paired with hand imagery and the notion of both real and conceptual 'feeling' were also important considerations of mine. 

Through research and further experimentation incorporating yarn and embroidery thread, I began to question the art vs craft debate and wondered whether both could coexist in harmony. Who decides what is art and what is craft? More significantly, who decides which one is of higher quality? I also started to think about painting leaving the confines of the square canvas. Preferring not to see them hung traditionally, as in whitewall galleries, but rather as objects taking up space.


All ideas that would later inform my Tangibles. 

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